Welcome to my little slice of the Internet.

I’ve been kicking around the idea of building a one-stop destination for all my work and a blog platform for the random thoughts that scurry through my mind every day for some time, and now I’ve finally done it.

Actually, I did it last year for about six months, but then I just stopped because, well, that happens sometimes. It won’t happen this time, however, because I genuinely believe this is a great idea and useful tool in my continued march towards a longstanding career on the keys.

Plus, trying to hunt down all my stuff in different locations is hard — I write for a couple different outlets, and this way I’m able to direct people to this site and this site alone if they want to check out the goods.

A little about me, in list form because I like lists:

dog owner
cat disliker
mixed martial arts
pop culture
good cook
solid singer
people watcher
The Wire

If you need to know more, hit me up via the Contact page.

Enjoy the site.

Come back often.



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