in addition to writing about mixed martial arts, i also spend a lot of time writing about pop culture for a toronto-based site called

true story: i got the job by replying to a craigslist ad, which hasn’t worked out very well in the past (don’t ask), but has been a positive experience this time around.

it gives me a chance to write about the other things i love – music, movies, sports, books – and dive into whatever assignments come down the line to me, which serves as a refreshing break from the MMA grind.

because i write four or five times a week, it made sense to me to build out this little page and drop a link to my archive, rather than try to roll out each piece day-after-day.

okay – i’m doing it this way because i’m somewhat lazy and the idea of adding a new post every time i write something seemed like more work than i am capable of doing. and really, given that i’ve started and stopped with this blog/portfolio hybrid concept fifty-eleven times, can you really blame me?

(note: bonus points if you get that fifty-eleven reference)

so here’s me at – if you like movie reviews (that aren’t douchey), sports features and listicles about stuff like the simpsons and books and underrated albums, you should check it ou.


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