I don’t profess to know everything, not even close. I don’t have a universal key to happiness or wealth or anything like that.

You’re never going to hear me telling anyone how they should live because it took me a long-ass time to even become a functioning member of society, so who am I to tell anyone else how they should approach things?

Nobody, that’s who.

What I do believe in, however, is sharing some of things that mean something to me and that help guide through my days.

Lately, the biggest thing that I’ve been trying to keep at the forefront of my mind each day is remembering that I define the elements of my life.

I define success, happiness, satisfaction. I’m the one that says what is good enough, what works for me and the things I need in my life to be content.

Not you. Not society. Not mass media. Me.

And whether my definitions fit with your standards or expectations doesn’t matter because as long as I’m content with what I have (and don’t have), life is good.

This is a huge development for me and one that I’m still working on every day because like plenty of people, there are times where I sit back, feel shitty and say, “I want what they have! Why can’t I have that?” The key, though, is that those days are fewer and further between now than they’ve been in a long time and my focus is changing.

Success is now defined by being able to make my own schedule, write the things I want to write and being proud of everything I put my name on.

Happiness is about moments and memories, not material possessions and status symbols.

I’m comfortable in my own skin, even though I still want to work at getting into better shape and continue eating better, two things I want to do for me and no one else. And I don’t feel bad for picking up some killer fried chicken on a random Sunday afternoon either because everyone should have some kick-ass fried chicken from time-to-time.



There’s no more beating myself up about the choices I make – if I don’t want to run or I want to sleep in or waste an hour of my day watching Shadowhunters on Netflix, I’m going to do it and not look back, the same way I will when I eat healthy, crush some interviews and stories or set a new PR for steps in a day on the Fitbit.

And if I want to be sad and mopey, that’s perfectly okay too because we all experience those days and I would rather acknowledge them and ride them out than pretend like I’m not feeling that way and put on a brave face because do one likes a mope.

I’m done letting others dictate what I should and shouldn’t do; how I should and shouldn’t feel; the way I should or shouldn’t act, dress, talk, live, you name it.

Sure, there are some qualifiers and conditions that apply, but they’re mostly just the basics of life and I’m alright with that. Everything else – the good stuff – is all up to me and predicated on the way I define the elements of my life.

And right now, today, on January 19, 2016 – I’m content and that’s all I want.


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