Goals Update and Plans for 2016

As I’m sitting here waiting for UFC 195 to start, I figured it was a good time to drop a blog post that both updates the stuff I talked about in my birthday post and looks at some of the additional objectives I have for 2016 because it’s that time of year and writing this is far more appealing than doing the dishes or starting the laundry… so here we are.

One of the main themes of my last post was getting healthy and making better choices and so far, I’m happy to report that all that stuff is going relatively well.

Sure, the healthy eating took a kick in the nuts over the holidays because there are always nibbles and sweets and whatnot kicking around that you end up picking at and Christmas dinner isn’t exactly an “eating clean” kind of meal, but overall, I’m pleased.

The Vitamix is still getting used for smoothies – loving my berries, tofu and beet juice concoction – and Sarah introduced me to chia pudding for breakfast and it’s really goddamn good.

I’m playing hoops on Tuesday nights with a great group of guys that just like to get a run in without being a bunch of overly competitive douchebags. Years of not playing have turned me into a terrible shooter, but that will come back (as will my legs) and it’s always a good time, so whether I get buckets or not, I’m loving it.

Running remains a constant. Okay, maybe not constant, but I got back to it Friday after three weeks without a run and clipped through a good workout without feeling like I was going to die. Four months ago, picking up and doing the run I did Friday after three weeks off would have been impossible; now it’s just a pain in the ass, but I can do it which means I’m making progress.

Overall, I’m not down any significant amount of weight – I was after I got back from UFC 194, but Christmas happened – but I feel infinitely better and know I’m capable of hitting my 210 target by next October.

Sarah finally took me to Nat’s Pizza in December, crossing another “Before I turn 38” goal off the list – it was as good as advertised – and I went six weeks without a drop of booze, including a trip to Vegas where they literally try to give the shit away.

Knowing that I can say “No thanks” and not feel like I’m missing out has made me amend my “quit drinking” to “drink more responsibly” for 2016 because I enjoy a glass of wine at dinner with my family and friends… and we have a bunch of great wineries around us, including one we joined, so I have another 12 bottles to buy before the end of the year and there is no way I’m not tucking into a bottle or two from that case.

In case you’re curious: reds over whites, Merlot above all else, but I won’t say no to a nice rose either.

Work is always going to remain a source of frustration and, ultimately, disappointment for me because I’m shitty at working for people and always fail to square myself away to the fact that just because I have a vision in my head that seems easy to execute to me doesn’t mean that it can be done at the snap of the fingers.

That said, I’m going to keep being ambitious when it comes to Keyboard Kimura and The Province and see what happens. Worst case? I bust my ass and deliver a bunch of great content, which is never a bad thing.

I’m also going to dedicate one day per week to seeking out new opportunities, but only after I get through the first draft of the book, which is Priority 1A for me right now. (Priority 1 is the day-to-day efforts that pay the bills, natch.)

Now onto the new business…

2016 is the year where I stop giving a shit about what the vast majority of people think.  My time and the space in my head are too valuable to waste either on nonsense and bullshit that largely doesn’t matter, so I’m done with it.

I’m done with the idiots, don’t care what those that don’t bring value to my life have to say and intend to pretty much ignore anyone that doesn’t contribute anything of substance to the discussion has to say because why in the name of all things right in the world would I waste my time with this kind of bullshit?

Conversely, I also want to make sure that when I do contribute to conversations, it’s something of value and substance, rather than just me talking for the sake of being heard. This goes for actual, in-person conversations and social media alike because there are already plenty of people on Twitter that jump into conversations just to be included and I don’t need to be one of those people.

Furthermore, if you engage me on social media in a positive way, I’m going to respond; I promise. And positive doesn’t mean agreeing with me on everything or anything like that; it just means you’re not being an asshole or a troll.

Reading 10 books was on the October 2016 list and I want to add “Listen to more music” to the goals as well because I miss good music and want to get back to having a soundtrack to my life. Send me your suggestions; I’ll consider them all.

I also want to set up a new home office, but that’s only going to come once we find a house and move into our own space, which is a big goal for us, but isn’t something we’re going to rush.

Most of all, the biggest goal I have for myself in 2016 is to be consistent – in my work, in my relationships, in my health and wellness routine, in everything. I want people to know what they can expect from me and count on me delivering and I want to hold myself to schedules and targets and not waver as much as I have in the past.

It’s like I said on Facebook on NYE:

Be good to one another and be your best self every damn day. That’s the goal, not for 2016 – for life, for always, forever. Try to hold yourself to it and next year will be solid.

Good luck and Happy New Year!



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