Hello and welcome to my little slice of the Internet.

This space, dubbed Freelance Central because I always tend to be writing in a couple different spots and like having one central location where you can check out all my work, will also serve as a personal blog whenever the urge strikes me to opine about something I can’t opine about elsewhere.

Since most of my work is confined to sports and pop culture, that means you’ll get rants about societal issues and plenty of random nonsense that makes me laugh, including discussions about my dog and the ridiculous things he does just about every day.

<—– Over here on the left, you’ll see some titles; those are pages that contain links to all my work at Keyboard Kimura, my long-running UFC blog with The Province, Among Men, the Toronto-based men’s lifestyle site where I’m Associate Editor of Sports and Entertainment, and the UFC website, where I have been contributing each month for the last four years.

Related Q: how has it already been four years? That’s crazy.

Anywho… I just wanted to stop by and say, “Hello and Welcome and Thanks for Stopping By,” let you know how this site works and direct you to the Contact page if you’re interesting in connecting on a project or telling me how much I suck.

Either way, you’re putting in effort and I appreciate it.

Peace out!



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